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Why Switch to KCCoyote, Inc. High Speed Wireless Broadband?

Browsing the Internet

Up to 178 times faster than dialup.

KCCoyote, Inc. High Speed Wireless Broadband does not restrict the upload speeds and configures the equipment to allow the same upload speed as download speed. This also gives an advantage for gaming, Voice Over IP, VPN, and remote access applications.

Our average latency is less than 50 milliseconds. Satellite latency may run over 1000 milliseconds (that's an entire second! Click Here to read a Real World Review on satalite.), MiFi and other aircard latency is over 250 milliseconds. What is latency? Imagine sending a messenger to ask a friend, who is down the hall, a question and bring back the answer. Latency is the time that it takes that messenger to run down the hall, ask the question, and run back to tell you the answer. The less time it takes for the messenger to get back to you, the faster you will receive the answer. In the Networking field, we use "pings" to measure latency. A "ping", sends a very small packet of data to a single destination, then measures the time that it takes for the packet to come back to its original location. With KCCoyote's low latency, you will notice a quicker response on WebPages, more responsive control in gaming, and higher efficiency in VPN and remote connections.

Do you know what your latency is? Check yours now by visiting Pingtest.net.. On average, customers on KCCoyote will receive an "A" score on there tests. Did you get an "A"? If not maybe its time to switch to KCCoyote!

Here is a test result of KCCoyote, Inc. from speedtest.net


E-Mail & Chat

E-Mail and chat with your friends and family with quick down loads and synchronous uploads.

With your upload speed matching your download speed, you can send emails just as fast as you can download them.

TV & Movies

Watch YouTube videos. You can even watch movies right on your computer through services like Netflix and Hulu. Stream TV episodes from hundreds of internet channels like USA Network, FOX and ABC, CBS, HBO, myLifetime, MTV and so much more!

Click here to see a list of all the TV and Movie sites.

You can even watch Movies and TV Episodes right on your WIFI or Internet ready TV or DVD player.

Music & Radio

Stream internet radio from services like Pandora and last.fm for free.

Download songs from music stores like the iTunes Store and the Zune Music Store.


Upload and download photos faster than ever. Share with your friends online with Facebook or twitpic, or email full size pictures in a snap!

With same speed uploads you can share your amazing photo skills with the world in seconds not hours.

Upload photos to photos to online photo albums like Picasa, Flickr or Photoshop Online.


Security of communications has been a priority of KCCoyote, Inc. All customer equipment is behind a powerful firewall that uses SPI (stateful packet inspection). In addition, our radios use network address translation (NAT) to give customers a "private" IP address so that they cannot be attacked from the Internet.

We also encourage all customers to use Anti-Vvirus and Anti-Malware software to protect their data from malicious websites or infected e-mails.

On the wireless security side, tower to tower communications is proprietary to the vendor equipment. Security to our customer premise equipment is encrypted.

Customers who use @kccoyote.com email have the benefit of our pre-filter for spam and viruses. These emails never enter the system but are viewable if desired on the secure filter server. Our mail pre-filter service is available for all domains.

No Phone Line Needed

KCCoyote, Inc High Speed Wireless Broadband uses state-of-the-art radios to broadcast internet to your home or business with no need for an active phone line.

Don't want two bills for phone and internet? Get Voice Over IP phone through KCCoyote, Inc., keep your old phone number, reduce land line costs, and one bill for both services.

Call 816.370.2546 or E-Mail Us for more info.

Other Specs:

  • KCCoyote, Inc. service is your local service provider. Your access fees support and pay for the infrastructure that helps your neighbors and community with its Internet and other broadband application needs. Locally owned and operated by Isotech, Inc. in Trimble, Mo.
  • KCCoyote, Inc. towers are available to police, fire and ambulance for a free co-location of the public service equipment on 4.9 gHz. This will bring a measure of safety to your community when the upcoming digital communications equipment is deployed.
  • KCCoyote, Inc. customers enjoy the availability of the Isotech, Inc. full service computer repair, sales, and network expertise. We can help you have the best internet and broadband experience without finger pointing to other agencies or repair operations.
  • High Speed Wireless Broadband now provides a never before economical means of supporting rural video surveillance. The low cost and high capacity of KCCoyote, Inc. wireless service now allows surveillance cameras to operate on farms, water treatment stations, silos, construction sites etc. where previous costs were prohibitive.
  • KCCoyote, Inc. carefully monitors activity to provide on-going support and service availability for all customers.

*VOIP not available to all KCCoyote Customers. Subject to quality of service.

For the most up-to-date, specific information about our High-Speed Wireless Broadband Internet, please contact us at info@kccoyote.com or call us at 816-370-2546

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