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KCCoyote High Speed Wireless Broadband

Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Network - Expanding Rural Missouri Broadband Services one community at a time.

KCCoyote Customer Testimonials:


“I have been extremely pleased with Isotech and wish we'd have discovered you long before we did. Living in the country with our previous provider was miserable, once we moved to you it felt like we were back in reality again!”

4/17/2013 Sara J. – Smithville, MO


“Well, it's snowing like h*** out there and the old Coyote is still up and running, I'm impressed! “

2/21/2013 Kent H. - Smithville MO


“Thank you very much! Please let Kyle know our Internet is working great...very fast!
We are impressed with his work.  Please thank him again for us.”

10/11/2012 Charles F. – Stewartsville, MO


“I just wanted to check in.. we love the Internet service.
It works wonderfully my boys are able to do the online game play with no hick-ups.”

4/18/2012 Cherrie S. – Kansas City, MO


KCCoyote Synchronous MIMO Service
Symmetric - Synchronous (MIMO)
Wireless Broadband

For Optimum Gaming, Video
Conferencing and VoIP
Stream Mvios and TV with KCCoyote Highspeed Wirless Internet
Free Movies a TV
that you can access

No Set Top Box required

Air to Ground Customer
Technical Support
from Isotech, Inc.

KCCoyote has been a privately and community funded project since 2005.

Wi-Max Licensed Provider

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